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Allocation of fundsProcedures and criteria.

(1) The salmon recovery funding board shall develop procedures and criteria for allocation of funds for salmon habitat projects and salmon recovery activities on a statewide basis to address the highest priorities for salmon habitat protection and restoration. To the extent practicable the board shall adopt an annual allocation of funding. The allocation should address both protection and restoration of habitat, and should recognize the varying needs in each area of the state on an equitable basis. The board has the discretion to partially fund, or to fund in phases, salmon habitat projects. The board may annually establish a maximum amount of funding available for any individual project, subject to available funding. No projects required solely as a mitigation or a condition of permitting are eligible for funding.
(2)(a) In evaluating, ranking, and awarding funds for projects and activities the board shall give preference to projects that:
(i) Are based upon the limiting factors analysis identified under RCW 77.85.060;
(ii) Provide a greater benefit to salmon recovery based upon the stock status information contained in the department of fish and wildlife salmonid stock inventory (SASSI), the salmon and steelhead habitat inventory and assessment project (SSHIAP), and any comparable science-based assessment when available;
(iii) Will benefit listed species and other fish species;
(iv) Will preserve high quality salmonid habitat;
(v) Are included in a regional or watershed-based salmon recovery plan that accords the project, action, or area a high priority for funding;
(vi) Are, except as provided in RCW 77.85.240, sponsored by an entity that is a Puget Sound partner, as defined in RCW 90.71.010; and
(vii) Are projects referenced in the action agenda developed by the Puget Sound partnership under RCW 90.71.310.
(b) In evaluating, ranking, and awarding funds for projects and activities the board shall also give consideration to projects that:
(i) Are the most cost-effective;
(ii) Have the greatest matched or in-kind funding;
(iii) Will be implemented by a sponsor with a successful record of project implementation;
(iv) Involve members of the Washington conservation corps established in chapter 43.220 RCW or the veterans conservation corps established in RCW 43.60A.150; and
(v) Are part of a regionwide list developed by lead entities.
(3) The board may reject, but not add, projects from a habitat project list submitted by a lead entity for funding.
(4) The board shall establish criteria for determining when block grants may be made to a lead entity. The board may provide block grants to the lead entity to implement habitat project lists developed under RCW 77.85.050, subject to available funding. The board shall determine an equitable minimum amount of project funds for each recovery region, and shall distribute the remainder of funds on a competitive basis. The board may also provide block grants to the lead entity or regional recovery organization to assist in carrying out functions described under this chapter. Block grants must be expended consistent with the priorities established for the board in subsection (2) of this section. Lead entities or regional recovery organizations receiving block grants under this subsection shall provide an annual report to the board summarizing how funds were expended for activities consistent with this chapter, including the types of projects funded, project outcomes, monitoring results, and administrative costs.
(5) The board may waive or modify portions of the allocation procedures and standards adopted under this section in the award of grants or loans to conform to legislative appropriations directing an alternative award procedure or when the funds to be awarded are from federal or other sources requiring other allocation procedures or standards as a condition of the board's receipt of the funds. The board shall develop an integrated process to manage the allocation of funding from federal and state sources to minimize delays in the award of funding while recognizing the differences in state and legislative appropriation timing.
(6) The board may award a grant or loan for a salmon recovery project on private or public land when the landowner has a legal obligation under local, state, or federal law to perform the project, when expedited action provides a clear benefit to salmon recovery, and there will be harm to salmon recovery if the project is delayed. For purposes of this subsection, a legal obligation does not include a project required solely as a mitigation or a condition of permitting.
(7) Property acquired or improved by a project sponsor may be conveyed to a federal agency if: (a) The agency agrees to comply with all terms of the grant or loan to which the project sponsor was obligated; or (b) the board approves: (i) Changes in the terms of the grant or loan, and the revision or removal of binding deed of right instruments; and (ii) a memorandum of understanding or similar document ensuring that the facility or property will retain, to the extent feasible, adequate habitat protections; and (c) the appropriate legislative authority of the county or city with jurisdiction over the project area approves the transfer and provides notification to the board.
(8) Any project sponsor receiving funding from the salmon recovery funding board that is not subject to disclosure under chapter 42.56 RCW must, as a mandatory contractual prerequisite to receiving the funding, agree to disclose any information in regards to the expenditure of that funding as if the project sponsor was subject to the requirements of chapter 42.56 RCW.
(9) After January 1, 2010, any project designed to address the restoration of Puget Sound may be funded under this chapter only if the project is not in conflict with the action agenda developed by the Puget Sound partnership under RCW 90.71.310.


FindingsIntent2011 c 20: See note following RCW 43.220.020.
IntentApplication2011 c 20: See RCW 43.220.905.
Effective date2007 c 341: See RCW 90.71.907.
FindingsPurpose2005 c 257: See note following RCW 43.60A.150.
SeverabilityEffective date1999 sp.s. c 13: See notes following RCW 77.85.005.
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