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Critical pathways methodologyHabitat work schedule.

(1) Critical pathways methodology shall be used to develop a habitat project list and a habitat work schedule that ensures salmon habitat projects will be prioritized and implemented in a logical sequential manner that produces habitat capable of sustaining healthy populations of salmon.
(2) The critical pathways methodology shall:
(a) Include a limiting factors analysis for salmon in streams, rivers, tributaries, estuaries, and subbasins in the region. The technical advisory group shall have responsibility for the limiting factors analysis;
(b) Identify local habitat projects that sponsors are willing to undertake. The projects identified must have a written agreement from the landowner on which the project is to be implemented. Project sponsors shall have the lead responsibility for this task;
(c) Identify how projects will be monitored and evaluated. The project sponsor, in consultation with the technical advisory group and the appropriate landowner, shall have responsibility for this task;
(d) Include a review of monitoring data, evaluate project performance, and make recommendations to the committee established under RCW 77.85.050 and to the technical review team. The technical advisory group has responsibility for this task; and
(e) Describe the adaptive management strategy that will be used. The committee established under RCW 77.85.050 shall have responsibility for this task. If a committee has not been formed, the technical advisory group shall have the responsibility for this task.
(3) The habitat work schedule shall include all projects developed pursuant to subsection (2) of this section, and shall identify and coordinate with any other salmon habitat project implemented in the region, including habitat preservation projects funded through the Washington wildlife and recreation program, the conservation reserve enhancement program, and other conservancy programs. The habitat work schedule shall also include the start date, duration, estimated date of completion, estimated cost, and, if appropriate, the affected salmonid species of each project. Each schedule shall be updated on an annual basis to depict new activities.


SeverabilityEffective date1999 sp.s. c 13: See notes following RCW 77.85.005.
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