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Ocean pink shrimpDelivery licenseRequirements and criteriaHistorical participation.

An applicant who can show historical participation under RCW 77.70.230(1) but does not satisfy the continuous participation requirement of RCW 77.70.230(2) shall be issued an ocean pink shrimp delivery license if:
(1) The owner can prove that the owner was in the process on December 31, 1992, of constructing a vessel for the purpose of ocean pink shrimp harvest. For purposes of this section, "construction" means having the keel laid, and "for the purpose of ocean pink shrimp harvest" means the vessel is designed as a trawl vessel. An ocean pink shrimp delivery license issued to a vessel under construction is not renewable after December 31, 1994, unless the vessel lands a total of at least five thousand pounds of ocean pink shrimp into a Washington state port before December 31, 1994; or
(2) The applicant's vessel is a replacement for a vessel that is otherwise eligible for an ocean pink shrimp delivery license.


FindingsEffective date1993 c 376: See notes following RCW 77.65.380.
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