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Vessel substitutionFees.

This section applies to all commercial fishery licenses, delivery licenses, and charter licenses, except for emergency salmon delivery licenses.
(1) The holder of a license subject to this section may substitute the vessel designated on the license or designate a vessel if none has previously been designated if the license holder:
(a) Surrenders the previously issued license to the department;
(b) Submits to the department an application that identifies the currently designated vessel, the vessel proposed to be designated, and any other information required by the department; and
(c) Pays to the department a fee of thirty-five dollars and an application fee of one hundred five dollars.
(2) Unless the license holder owns all vessels identified on the application described in subsection (1)(b) of this section or unless the vessel is designated on a Dungeness crab-coastal fishery license, the following restrictions apply to changes in vessel designation:
(a) The department shall change the vessel designation on the license no more than four times per calendar year.
(b) The department shall change the vessel designation on the license no more than once in any seven-day period.


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