Chapter 77.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 77.32.007"Special hunting season" defined.
HTMLPDF 77.32.010Recreational license requiredActivitiesPass or permit for parking.
HTMLPDF 77.32.014Licenses, tags, and stampsRevocation/privileges suspended for noncompliance with support order.
HTMLPDF 77.32.025Establishment of times and places for family fishing with no license or catch record cardAuthorized.
HTMLPDF 77.32.050Recreational and commercial licenses, permits, tags, stamps, and raffle tickets issued by authorized officialsRulesFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.070Information required from license applicantsReports on taking/effort to harvest fish, shellfish, and wildlifeAdministrative penalty.
HTMLPDF 77.32.090Licenses, permits, tags, stamps, and raffle ticketsRules for form, display, proceduresAuthority.
HTMLPDF 77.32.155Hunter education training programCertificateDeferralAdoption of rulesFee.
HTMLPDF 77.32.237Enhancing the fish, shellfish, and wildlife-related recreational opportunities for a person with a disabilityDisability designationRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 77.32.240Scientific permitProceduresPenaltiesFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.250Licenses nontransferable.
HTMLPDF 77.32.256Duplicate licenses, rebates, permits, tags, and stampsFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.320Required licenses, tagsTransport tags for game.
HTMLPDF 77.32.350Migratory birdsSupplemental permitFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.370Special hunting season permitsFee.
HTMLPDF 77.32.410Personal use fishing licenseReciprocity with Oregon in concurrent waters of Columbia river and coastal waters.
HTMLPDF 77.32.430Catch record cardDisposition of funds.
HTMLPDF 77.32.440Enhancement programsFunding levelsRulesDeposit to warm water game fish account.
HTMLPDF 77.32.450Big game hunting licenseFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.460Small game hunting licenseTurkey tagsFees.
HTMLPDF 77.32.470Personal use fishing licensesFeesTemporary fishing licensesFamily fishing weekend licenseRule-making authorityCombination licenses for hunting and fishingTwo fishing poles per fishing license holder.
HTMLPDF 77.32.480Reduced rate licenses.
HTMLPDF 77.32.500Saltwater, freshwater transition areasRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 77.32.520Personal use shellfish and seaweed licenseRazor clam licenseFeesLicense available for inspection.
HTMLPDF 77.32.525Hunting and fishing contestsField trials for dogsRulesLimitation.
HTMLPDF 77.32.530Hunting big gameAuction or raffleProcedure.
HTMLPDF 77.32.535Private landsRaffle authorization to hunt big game.
HTMLPDF 77.32.540Hunting and fishing contestsField trials for dogsPermitRules.
HTMLPDF 77.32.545Removal of trapIdentification of trapsDisclosure of identities.
HTMLPDF 77.32.550Group fishing permit.
HTMLPDF 77.32.555Surcharge to fund biotoxin testing and monitoringAlgal bloom programBiotoxin account.
HTMLPDF 77.32.560Watchable wildlife decals.
HTMLPDF 77.32.565Hunting and fishing opportunities for a terminally ill personProvision of a license, tag, permit, or stamp without a feeRule-making authority.
HTMLPDF 77.32.570Master hunter permit programFee.
HTMLPDF 77.32.575Western Washington pheasant permitFee.
HTMLPDF 77.32.585Release of wild beavers.
HTMLPDF 77.32.590Hunting and fishing license donationsResident disabled veteransRule-making authority.