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Employment partnership programCreatedGoals.

The employment partnership program is created to develop a series of geographically distributed model projects to provide permanent full-time employment for low-income and unemployed persons. The program shall be administered by the department of social and health services. The department shall contract for the program through local public or private nonprofit organizations. The goals of the program are as follows:
(1) To reduce inefficiencies in administration and provide model coordination of agencies with responsibilities for employment and human service delivery to unemployed persons;
(2) To create voluntary financial incentives to simultaneously reduce unemployment and welfare caseloads;
(3) To provide other state and federal support services to the client population to enable economic independence;
(4) To improve partnerships between the public and private sectors designed to move recipients of public assistance into productive employment; and
(5) To provide employers with information on federal targeted jobs tax credit and other state and federal tax incentives for participation in the program.
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