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Unless the context clearly requires otherwise, the definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter.
(1) "Department" means an agency of state government called the department of services for the blind.
(2) "Director" means the director of the department of services for the blind. The director is appointed by the governor with the consent of the senate.
(3) "Rehabilitation council for the blind" means the body of members appointed by the governor in accordance with the provisions of RCW 74.18.070 to advise the state agency.
(4) "Blind person" means a person who: (a) Has no vision or whose vision with corrective lenses is so limited that the individual requires alternative methods or skills to do efficiently those things that are ordinarily done with sight by individuals with normal vision; (b) has an eye condition of a progressive nature which may lead to blindness; or (c) is blind for purposes of the business enterprise program as set forth in RCW 74.18.200 through 74.18.230 in accordance with requirements of the Randolph-Sheppard Act of 1936.
(5) "Telephonic reading service" means audio information provided by telephone, including the acquisition and distribution of daily newspapers and other information of local, state, or national interest.


Findings2003 c 409: See note following RCW 74.18.010.
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