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Both continuing payments and lump sum payments authorized.

To carry out the program authorized by RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080, the secretary may make continuing payments or lump sum payments of adoption support. In lieu of continuing payments, or in addition to them, the secretary may make one or more specific lump sum payments for or on behalf of a hard to place child either to the adoptive parents or directly to other persons to assist in correcting any condition causing such child to be hard to place for adoption.
Consistent with a particular child's needs, continuing adoption support payments shall include, if necessary to facilitate or support the adoption of a special needs child, an amount sufficient to remove any reasonable financial barrier to adoption as determined by the secretary under RCW 74.13A.025.
After determination by the secretary of the amount of a payment or the initial amount of continuing payments, the prospective parent or parents who desire such support shall sign an agreement with the secretary providing for the payment, in the manner and at the time or times prescribed in regulations to be issued by the secretary subject to the provisions of RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080, of the amount or amounts of support so determined.
Payments shall be subject to review as provided in RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080.


ConstructionCompetitive procurement process and contract provisionsConflict with federal requirements and Indian Child Welfare Act of 19782017 3rd sp.s. c 20: See notes following RCW 74.13.270.
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