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Transfer of prisoners.

(1) Whenever in its judgment the best interests of the state or the welfare of any prisoner confined in any penal institution will be better served by his or her transfer to another institution or to a foreign country of which the prisoner is a citizen or national, the secretary may effect such transfer consistent with applicable federal laws and treaties. The secretary has the authority to transfer offenders out-of-state to private or governmental institutions if the secretary determines that transfer is in the best interest of the state or the offender. The determination of what is in the best interest of the state or offender may include but is not limited to considerations of overcrowding, emergency conditions, or hardship to the offender. In determining whether the transfer will impose a hardship on the offender, the secretary shall consider: (a) The location of the offender's family and whether the offender has maintained contact with members of his or her family; (b) whether, if the offender has maintained contact, the contact will be significantly disrupted by the transfer due to the family's inability to maintain the contact as a result of the transfer; and (c) whether the offender is enrolled in a vocational or educational program that cannot reasonably be resumed if the offender is returned to the state.
(2) If directed by the governor, the secretary shall, in carrying out this section and RCW 43.06.350, adopt rules under chapter 34.05 RCW to effect the transfer of prisoners requesting transfer to foreign countries.


Effective date2000 c 62: See note following RCW 72.68.012.
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