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Local law and justice councilRules.

(1) Every county legislative authority shall by resolution or ordinance establish a local law and justice council. The county legislative authority shall determine the size and composition of the council, which shall include the county sheriff and a representative of the municipal police departments within the county, the county prosecutor and a representative of the municipal prosecutors within the county, a representative of the city legislative authorities within the county, a representative of the county's superior, juvenile, district, and municipal courts, the county jail administrator, the county clerk, the county risk manager, and the secretary of corrections and his or her designees. Officials designated may appoint representatives.
(2) A combination of counties may establish a local law and justice council by intergovernmental agreement. The agreement shall comply with the requirements of this section.
(3) The local law and justice council may address issues related to:
(a) Maximizing local resources including personnel and facilities, reducing duplication of services, and sharing resources between local and state government in order to accomplish local efficiencies without diminishing effectiveness;
(b) Jail management;
(c) Mechanisms for communication of information about offenders, including the feasibility of shared access to databases; and
(d) Partnerships between the department and local community policing and supervision programs to facilitate supervision of offenders under the respective jurisdictions of each and timely response to an offender's failure to comply with the terms of supervision.
(4) The county legislative authority may request technical assistance in coordinating services with other units or agencies of state or local government, which shall include the department, the office of financial management, and the Washington association of sheriffs and police chiefs.
(5) Upon receiving a request for assistance from a county, the department may provide the requested assistance.
(6) The secretary may adopt rules for the submittal, review, and approval of all requests for assistance made to the department.


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PurposeCaptions not law1991 c 363: See notes following RCW 2.32.180.
Purpose1987 c 312 § 3: "It is the purpose of RCW 72.09.300 to encourage local and state government to join in partnerships for the sharing of resources regarding the management of offenders in the correctional system. The formation of partnerships between local and state government is intended to reduce duplication while assuring better accountability and offender management through the most efficient use of resources at both the local and state level." [ 1987 c 312 § 1.]
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