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Disturbances at state penal facilitiesUtilization of outside law enforcement personnelScope.

Whenever the secretary or the secretary's designee determines that due to a disturbance at a state penal facility within the jurisdiction of the department that the assistance of law enforcement officers in addition to department of corrections' personnel is required, the secretary may notify the Washington state patrol, the chief law enforcement officer of any nearby county and the county in which the facility is located, and the chief law enforcement officer of any municipality near the facility or in which the facility is located. These law enforcement agencies may provide such assistance as expressed in the contingency plan or plans, or as is deemed necessary by the secretary, or the secretary's designee, to restore order at the facility, consistent with the resources available to the law enforcement agencies and the law enforcement agencies' other statutory obligations. While on the grounds of a penal facility and acting under this section, all law enforcement officials shall be under the immediate control of their respective supervisors who shall be responsive to the secretary, or the secretary's designee, which designee need not be an employee of the department of corrections.


Reimbursement for local support at prison disturbances: RCW 72.72.050, 72.72.060.
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