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Transition facility residentsMonitoring, escorting.

(1) Unless otherwise ordered by the court:
(a) Residents of a secure community transition facility shall wear electronic monitoring devices at all times. To the extent that electronic monitoring devices that employ global positioning system technology are available and funds for this purpose are appropriated by the legislature, the department shall use these devices.
(b) At least one staff member, or other court-authorized and department-approved person must escort each resident when the resident leaves the secure community transition facility for appointments, employment, or other approved activities. Escorting persons must supervise the resident closely and maintain close proximity to the resident. The escort must immediately notify the department of any serious violation, as defined in RCW 71.09.325, by the resident and must immediately notify law enforcement of any violation of law by the resident. The escort may not be a relative of the resident or a person with whom the resident has, or has had, a dating relationship as defined in RCW 7.105.010.
(2) Staff members of the special commitment center and any other total confinement facility and any secure community transition facility must be trained in self-defense and appropriate crisis responses including incident de-escalation. Prior to escorting a person outside of a facility, staff members must also have training in the offense pattern of the offender they are escorting.
(3) Any escort must carry a cellular telephone or a similar device at all times when escorting a resident of a secure community transition facility.
(4) The department shall require training in offender pattern, self-defense, and incident response for all court-authorized escorts who are not employed by the department or the department of corrections.


Effective date2022 c 268; 2021 c 215: See note following RCW 7.105.900.
PurposeSeverabilityEffective date2002 c 68: See notes following RCW 36.70A.200.
IntentSeverabilityEffective dates2001 2nd sp.s. c 12: See notes following RCW 71.09.250.
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