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*** CHANGE IN 2024 *** (SEE 1185-S2.SL) ***
The legislature finds that:
(1) Mercury is an essential component of many energy efficient lights. Improper disposal methods will lead to mercury releases that threaten the environment and harm human health. Spent mercury lighting is a hard to collect waste product that is appropriate for product stewardship;
(2) Convenient and environmentally sound product stewardship programs for mercury-containing lights that include collecting, transporting, and recycling mercury-containing lights will help protect Washington's environment and the health of state residents;
(3) The purpose of chapter 130, Laws of 2010 is to achieve a statewide goal of recycling all end-of-life mercury-containing lights by 2020 through expanded public education, a uniform statewide requirement to recycle all mercury-containing lights, and the development of a comprehensive, safe, and convenient collection system that includes use of residential curbside collection programs, mail-back containers, increased support for household hazardous waste facilities, and a network of additional collection locations;
(4) Product producers must play a significant role in financing no-cost collection and processing programs for mercury-containing lights; and
(5) Providers of premium collection services such as residential curbside and mail-back programs may charge a fee to cover the collection costs for these more convenient forms of collection.
[ 2010 c 130 § 1. Formerly RCW 70.275.010.]


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
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