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Site closure feeGenerally.

Beginning January 1, 1993, the department of ecology may impose a reasonable site closure fee if necessary to be deposited in the site closure account established under RCW 70A.384.050. The department may continue to collect moneys for the site closure account until the account contains an amount sufficient to complete the closure plan, as specified in the radioactive materials license issued by the department of health.


Rate regulation anticipated1990 c 21: "State and national policy directs that the management of low-level radioactive waste shall be accomplished by a system of interstate compacts and the development of regional disposal sites. The Northwest regional compact, comprised of the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, and Washington, has as its disposal facility the low-level radioactive waste disposal site located near Richland, Washington. This site is expected to be the sole site for disposal of low-level radioactive waste for compact members effective January 1, 1993. Future closure of this site will require significant financial resources.
Low-level radioactive waste is generated by essential activities and services that benefit the citizens of the state. Washington state's low-level radioactive waste disposal site has been used by the nation and the Northwest compact as a disposal site since 1965. The public has come to rely on access to this site for disposal of low-level radioactive waste, which requires separate handling from other solid and hazardous wastes. The price of disposing of low-level radioactive waste at the Washington state low-level radioactive waste disposal site is anticipated to increase when the federal low-level radioactive waste policy amendments act of 1985 is implemented and waste generated outside the Northwest compact states is excluded. To protect Washington and other Northwest compact states' businesses and services, such as electrical production, medical and university research, and private industries, upon which the public relies, there may be a need to regulate the rates charged by the operator of Washington's low-level radioactive waste disposal site." [ 1990 c 21 § 1.]
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