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Used oil transporter and processor requirementsCivil penalties.

(1) By January 1, 1993, the department shall adopt rules requiring any transporter of used oil to comply with minimum notification, invoicing, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements. For the purpose of this section, a transporter means a person engaged in the off-site transportation of used oil in quantities greater than twenty-five gallons per day.
(2) By January 1, 1993, the department shall adopt minimum standards for used oil that is blended into fuels. Standards shall, at a minimum, establish testing and recordkeeping requirements. Unless otherwise exempted, a processor is any person involved in the marketing, blending, mixing, or processing of used oil to produce fuel to be burned for energy recovery.
(3) Any person who knowingly transports used oil without meeting the requirements of this section shall be subject to civil penalties under chapter 70A.300 RCW.
(4) Rules developed under this section shall not require a manifest from individual residences served by a waste oil curbside collection program.
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