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Service area boundaries within critical water supply area.

(1) The proposed service area boundaries of public water systems within the critical water supply service area that are required to submit water system plans under this chapter shall be identified in the system's plan. The local legislative authority, or its planning department or other designee, shall review the proposed boundaries to determine whether the proposed boundaries of one or more systems overlap. The boundaries determined by the local legislative authority not to overlap shall be incorporated into the coordinated water system plan. Where any overlap exists, the local legislative authority may attempt to resolve the conflict through procedures established under RCW 70A.100.060(5).
(2) Any final decision by a local legislative authority regarding overlapping service areas, or any unresolved disputes regarding service area boundaries, may be appealed or referred to the secretary in writing for resolution. After receipt of an appeal or referral, the secretary shall hold a public hearing thereon. The secretary shall provide notice of the hearing by certified mail to each purveyor involved in the dispute, to each county legislative authority having jurisdiction in the area and to the public. The secretary shall provide public notice pursuant to the provisions of chapter 65.16 RCW. Such notice shall be given at least twenty days prior to the hearing. The hearing may be continued from time to time and, at the termination thereof, the secretary may restrict the expansion of service of any purveyor within the area if the secretary finds such restriction is necessary to provide the greatest protection of the public health and well-being.


Findings1995 c 376: See note following RCW 70A.100.060.
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