Chapter 70.44 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.44.003Purpose.
HTMLPDF 70.44.007Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.44.010Districts authorized.
HTMLPDF 70.44.015Validation of existing districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.016Validation of districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.020ResolutionPetition for countywide districtConduct of elections.
HTMLPDF 70.44.028Limitation on legal challenges.
HTMLPDF 70.44.030Petition for lesser districtProcedure.
HTMLPDF 70.44.035Petition for district lying in more than one countyProcedure.
HTMLPDF 70.44.040ElectionsCommissioners, terms, districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.041Validity of appointment or election of commissionersCompliance with 1994 c 223.
HTMLPDF 70.44.042Commissioner districtsResolution to abolishProposition to reestablish.
HTMLPDF 70.44.045CommissionersVacancies.
HTMLPDF 70.44.047Redrawn boundariesAssignment of commissioners to districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.050CommissionersCompensation and expensesInsuranceResolutions by majority voteOfficersRules.
HTMLPDF 70.44.053Increase in number of commissionersProposition to voters.
HTMLPDF 70.44.054Increase in number of commissionersCommissioner districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.056Increase in number of commissionersAppointmentsElectionTerms.
HTMLPDF 70.44.059ChaplainsAuthority to employ.
HTMLPDF 70.44.060Powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 70.44.062Commissioners' meetings, proceedings, and deliberations concerning health care providers' clinical or staff privileges to be confidentialFinal action in public session.
HTMLPDF 70.44.067Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
HTMLPDF 70.44.070SuperintendentAppointmentRemovalCompensation.
HTMLPDF 70.44.080SuperintendentPowers.
HTMLPDF 70.44.090SuperintendentDuties.
HTMLPDF 70.44.110Plan to construct or improveGeneral obligation bonds.
HTMLPDF 70.44.130BondsPaymentSecurity for deposits.
HTMLPDF 70.44.140Contracts for material and workCall for bidsAlternative proceduresExemptions.
HTMLPDF 70.44.171TreasurerDutiesFundsDepositariesSurety bonds, cost.
HTMLPDF 70.44.185Change of district boundary lines to allow farm units to be wholly within one hospital districtNotice.
HTMLPDF 70.44.190Consolidation of districts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.200Annexation of territory.
HTMLPDF 70.44.210Alternate method of annexationContents of resolution calling for election.
HTMLPDF 70.44.220Alternate method of annexationPublication and contents of notice of hearingHearingResolutionSpecial election.
HTMLPDF 70.44.230Alternate method of annexationConduct and canvass of electionNoticeBallot.
HTMLPDF 70.44.235Withdrawal or reannexation of areas.
HTMLPDF 70.44.240Contracting or joining with other districts, hospitals, corporations, or individuals to provide services or facilities.
HTMLPDF 70.44.260Contracts for purchase of real or personal property.
HTMLPDF 70.44.300Sale of surplus real property.
HTMLPDF 70.44.310Lease of surplus real property.
HTMLPDF 70.44.315Evaluation criteria and requirements for acquisition of district hospitals.
HTMLPDF 70.44.320Disposal of surplus personal property.
HTMLPDF 70.44.350Dividing a district.
HTMLPDF 70.44.360Dividing a districtPlan.
HTMLPDF 70.44.370Dividing a districtPetition to court, hearing, order.
HTMLPDF 70.44.380Dividing a districtElectionCreation of new districtsChallenges.
HTMLPDF 70.44.400Withdrawal of territory from public hospital district.
HTMLPDF 70.44.450Rural public hospital districtsCooperative agreements and contracts.
HTMLPDF 70.44.460Rural public hospital district defined.
HTMLPDF 70.44.470Chapter not applicable to certain transfers of property.
HTMLPDF 70.44.900SeverabilityConstruction1945 c 264.
HTMLPDF 70.44.901SeverabilityConstruction1974 ex.s. c 165.
HTMLPDF 70.44.903Savings1982 c 84.
HTMLPDF 70.44.910Construction1945 c 264.


County hospitals: Chapter 36.62 RCW.
Limitation of indebtedness prescribed: RCW 39.36.020.
Tortious conduct of political subdivisions, municipal corporations and quasi municipal corporations, liability for damages: Chapter 4.96 RCW.