Chapter 70.42 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.42.005IntentConstruction.
HTMLPDF 70.42.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.42.020License required.
HTMLPDF 70.42.030Waiver of licenseConditions.
HTMLPDF 70.42.040Sites approved under federal lawAutomatic licensure.
HTMLPDF 70.42.050Permission to perform tests not covered by licenseLicense amendment.
HTMLPDF 70.42.060Quality control, quality assurance, recordkeeping, and personnel standards.
HTMLPDF 70.42.070Proficiency testing program.
HTMLPDF 70.42.080Test site supervisor.
HTMLPDF 70.42.090FeesAccount.
HTMLPDF 70.42.100ApplicantsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 70.42.110Issuance of licenseRenewal.
HTMLPDF 70.42.120Denial of license.
HTMLPDF 70.42.130Conditions upon license.
HTMLPDF 70.42.140Suspension of license.
HTMLPDF 70.42.150Revocation of license.
HTMLPDF 70.42.155Limited stop services.
HTMLPDF 70.42.157Cease and desist notices.
HTMLPDF 70.42.160PenaltiesActs constituting violations.
HTMLPDF 70.42.162Pattern of balance billing protection act violations by medical test siteFines and disciplinary action.
HTMLPDF 70.42.170On-site reviews.
HTMLPDF 70.42.180Operating without a licenseInjunctions or other remediesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 70.42.190Petition of superior court for review of disciplinary action.
HTMLPDF 70.42.200Persons who may not own or operate test site.
HTMLPDF 70.42.210Confidentiality of certain information.
HTMLPDF 70.42.220Rules.
HTMLPDF 70.42.900Effective dates1989 c 386.