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Medical records of patientsRetention and preservation.

Unless specified otherwise by the department, a hospital shall retain and preserve all medical records which relate directly to the care and treatment of a patient for a period of no less than ten years following the most recent discharge of the patient; except the records of minors, which shall be retained and preserved for a period of no less than three years following attainment of the age of eighteen years, or ten years following such discharge, whichever is longer.
If a hospital ceases operations, it shall make immediate arrangements, as approved by the department, for preservation of its records.
The department shall by regulation define the type of records and the information required to be included in the medical records to be retained and preserved under this section; which records may be retained in photographic form pursuant to chapter 5.46 RCW.


SavingsEffective date1985 c 213: See notes following RCW 43.20.050.
Medical records, disclosure: Chapter 70.02 RCW.
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