Chapter 70.38 RCW



HTMLPDF 70.38.015Declaration of public policy.
HTMLPDF 70.38.018Statewide health resources strategyConsistencyWaivers.
HTMLPDF 70.38.025Definitions.
HTMLPDF 70.38.095Public disclosure.
HTMLPDF 70.38.105Health services and facilities requiring certificate of needFees.
HTMLPDF 70.38.111Certificates of needExemptions.
HTMLPDF 70.38.115Certificates of needProceduresRulesCriteria for reviewConditional certificates of needConcurrent reviewReview periodsHearingAdjudicative proceedingAmended certificates of need.
HTMLPDF 70.38.118Certificates of needApplications submitted by hospice agencies.
HTMLPDF 70.38.125Certificates of needIssuanceDurationPenalties for violations.
HTMLPDF 70.38.128Certificates of needElective percutaneous coronary interventionsRules.
HTMLPDF 70.38.135Services and surveysRules.
HTMLPDF 70.38.155Certificates of needSavings1979 ex.s. c 161.
HTMLPDF 70.38.156Certificates of needSavings1980 c 139.
HTMLPDF 70.38.157Certificates of needSavings1983 c 235.
HTMLPDF 70.38.158Certificates of needSavings1989 1st ex.s. c 9 §§ 601 through 607.
HTMLPDF 70.38.220Ethnic minoritiesNursing home beds that reflect cultural differences.
HTMLPDF 70.38.230Residential hospice care centersDefinedChange in bed capacityApplicability of chapter.
HTMLPDF 70.38.250Redistribution and addition of bedsDetermination.
HTMLPDF 70.38.260Certain hospitals not subject to certificate of need requirements for the addition of the number of new psychiatric beds.
HTMLPDF 70.38.270Psychiatric beds added under RCW 70.38.260.
HTMLPDF 70.38.280Kidney disease centersEmergency certificate of need exemptions.
HTMLPDF 70.38.905Conflict with federal lawConstruction.
HTMLPDF 70.38.914Pending certificates of need1983 c 235.
HTMLPDF 70.38.915Effective datesPending certificates of need1979 ex.s. c 161.
HTMLPDF 70.38.916Effective date1980 c 139.
HTMLPDF 70.38.918Effective datesPending certificates of need1989 1st ex.s. c 9.
HTMLPDF 70.38.920Short title.