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Treatment, isolation, or examination order of health officerViolationPenalty.

Inasmuch as the order provided for by RCW 70.28.031 is for the protection of the public health, any person who, after service upon him or her of an order of a health officer directing his or her treatment, isolation, or examination as provided for in RCW 70.28.031, violates or fails to comply with the same or any provision thereof, is guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction thereof, in addition to any and all other penalties which may be imposed by law upon such conviction, may be ordered by the court confined until such order of such health officer shall have been fully complied with or terminated by such health officer, but not exceeding six months from the date of passing judgment upon such conviction: PROVIDED, That the court, upon suitable assurances that such order of such health officer will be complied with, may place any person convicted of a violation of such order of such health officer upon probation for a period not to exceed two years, upon condition that the said order of said health officer be fully complied with: AND PROVIDED FURTHER, That upon any subsequent violation of such order of such health officer, such probation shall be terminated and confinement as herein provided ordered by the court.
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