Chapter 70.24 RCW



70.24.005Transfer of duties to the department of health.
70.24.015Legislative finding.
70.24.022Interviews, examination, counseling, or treatment of infected persons or persons believed to be infectedDissemination of false informationPenalty.
70.24.024Orders for examinations and counselingRestrictive measuresInvestigationIssuance of orderConfidential notice and hearingException.
70.24.050Diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseasesConfirmationAnonymous prevalence reports.
70.24.070Detention and treatment facilities.
70.24.084Violations of chapterAggrieved personsRight of action.
70.24.090Pregnant womenTest for syphilis.
70.24.095Pregnant womenDrug treatment program participantsAIDS counseling.
70.24.100Syphilis laboratory tests.
70.24.107Rule-making authority1997 c 345.
70.24.110MinorsTreatment, consent, liability for payment for care.
70.24.120Sexually transmitted disease case investigatorsAuthority to withdraw blood.
70.24.125Reporting requirements for sexually transmitted diseasesRules.
70.24.130Adoption of rules.
70.24.140Certain infected personsSexual intercourse unlawful without notification.
70.24.150Immunity of certain public employees.
70.24.200Information for the general public on sexually transmitted diseasesEmphasis.
70.24.210Information for children on sexually transmitted diseasesEmphasis.
70.24.220AIDS education in public schoolsFinding.
70.24.240Clearinghouse for AIDS educational materials.
70.24.250Office on AIDSRepository and clearinghouse for AIDS education and training materialUniversity of Washington duties.
70.24.260Emergency medical personnelRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.270Health professionalsRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.280Pharmacy quality assurance commissionRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.290Public school employeesRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.300State and local government employeesDetermination of substantial likelihood of exposureRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.310Health care facility employeesRules for AIDS education and training.
70.24.320Counseling and testingAIDS and HIVDefinitions.
70.24.325Counseling and testingInsurance requirements.
70.24.340Convicted personsMandatory testing and counseling for certain offensesEmployees' substantial exposure to bodily fluidsProcedure and court orders.
70.24.350Prostitution and drug offensesVoluntary testing and counseling.
70.24.360Jail detaineesTesting and counseling of persons who present a possible risk.
70.24.370Correction facility inmatesCounseling and testing of persons who present a possible riskTraining for administrators and superintendentsProcedure.
70.24.380Board of healthRules for counseling and testing.
70.24.400Funding for office on AIDSCenter for AIDS educationDepartment's duties for awarding grants.
70.24.410AIDS advisory committeeDuties, review of insurance problemsTermination.
70.24.420Additional local funding of treatment programs not required.
70.24.430Application of chapter to persons subject to jurisdiction of department of corrections.
70.24.450ConfidentialityReportsUnauthorized disclosures.
70.24.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


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