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Chapter 7.80 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.80.005Legislative finding1987 c 456.
HTMLPDF 7.80.010Jurisdiction of courts.
HTMLPDF 7.80.020Issuance of process.
HTMLPDF 7.80.030Training of judicial officers.
HTMLPDF 7.80.040"Enforcement officer" defined.
HTMLPDF 7.80.050Notice of infractionIssuance, service, filing.
HTMLPDF 7.80.060Person receiving noticeIdentification and detention.
HTMLPDF 7.80.070NoticeDetermination final unless contestedForm.
HTMLPDF 7.80.080Response to noticeContesting determinationMitigating circumstancesHearingFailure to respond or appear.
HTMLPDF 7.80.090HearingsRules of procedureCounsel.
HTMLPDF 7.80.100HearingsContesting determination that infraction committedAppeal.
HTMLPDF 7.80.110HearingsExplanation of mitigating circumstances.
HTMLPDF 7.80.120Monetary penaltiesRestitution.
HTMLPDF 7.80.130Order of courtCivil natureModification of penaltyCommunity restitution.
HTMLPDF 7.80.140Costs and attorney fees.
HTMLPDF 7.80.150NoticesRecord ofCancellation prohibited, penaltyAudit.
HTMLPDF 7.80.160Failure to exercise notice optionsFailure to satisfy penalty.
HTMLPDF 7.80.900Decriminalization of certain municipal ordinances.
HTMLPDF 7.80.901Effective date1987 c 456 §§ 9-31.