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Chapter 7.40 RCW



HTMLPDF 7.40.010Who may grant restraining orders and injunctions.
HTMLPDF 7.40.020Grounds for issuance.
HTMLPDF 7.40.030Malicious erection of structure may be enjoined.
HTMLPDF 7.40.040Time of granting.
HTMLPDF 7.40.050NoticeRestraining orders in emergencies.
HTMLPDF 7.40.060Affidavits at hearing.
HTMLPDF 7.40.070Terms and conditions may be imposed.
HTMLPDF 7.40.080Injunction bond.
HTMLPDF 7.40.085Injunction bonds for injunctions affecting public construction contracts.
HTMLPDF 7.40.090Bond for injunction after temporary restraining order.
HTMLPDF 7.40.100Copy of order serves as writ.
HTMLPDF 7.40.110Stay of judgmentRelease of errors.
HTMLPDF 7.40.120Injunction, who is bound by.
HTMLPDF 7.40.130When adverse party becomes bound.
HTMLPDF 7.40.140Disposition of money collected on enjoined judgment.
HTMLPDF 7.40.150Contempt for disobedience.
HTMLPDF 7.40.160Attachment and arrestIndemnity of plaintiff.
HTMLPDF 7.40.170Bond for appearance.
HTMLPDF 7.40.180Motion to dissolve or modify.
HTMLPDF 7.40.190Damages on dissolution of injunction to stay judgment.
HTMLPDF 7.40.200Damages for rents and waste.
HTMLPDF 7.40.210Motion to reinstate.
HTMLPDF 7.40.230InjunctionsFraud in obtaining telecommunications service.


Rules of court: Cf. CR 65, 52(a)(2)(A).
Abortion clinics, interference with: Chapter 9A.50 RCW.
Camping resorts, relating to: RCW 19.105.470, 19.105.490.
Health care facilities, interference with: Chapter 9A.50 RCW.
Injunctions in labor disputes: Chapter 49.32 RCW.
Medical facilities, interference with: Chapter 9A.50 RCW.
Term papers, theses, dissertations, sale of prohibitedInjunctions: RCW 28B.10.584.