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The definitions in this section apply throughout this chapter unless the context clearly requires otherwise.
(1) "Aggrieved party" means a person against whom an underlying action is commenced based on the aggrieved party's provision, receipt, attempted provision or receipt, assistance in the provision or receipt, or attempted assistance in the provision or receipt of protected health care services.
(2) "Gender-affirming treatment" means health services or products that support and affirm an individual's gender identity, including social, psychological, behavioral, and medical or surgical interventions. Gender-affirming care services include, but are not limited to, evaluation and treatments for gender dysphoria, gender-affirming hormone therapy, and gender-affirming surgical procedures.
(3) "Protected health care services" means gender-affirming treatment and reproductive health care services that are lawful in the state of Washington.
(4) "Reproductive health care services" means all services, care, or products of a medical, surgical, psychiatric, therapeutic, mental health, behavioral health, diagnostic, preventative, rehabilitative, supportive, counseling, referral, prescribing, or dispensing nature relating to the human reproductive system including, but not limited to, all services, care, and products relating to pregnancy, assisted reproduction, contraception, miscarriage management, or the termination of a pregnancy, including self-managed terminations.
(5) "Underlying action" means a civil, criminal, or administrative proceeding, or any proceeding preliminary thereto.


Effective date2023 c 193: See note following RCW 7.115.020.
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