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Health care professionals may authorize medical use of marijuanaQualifying patients under age eighteen.

(1) Health care professionals may authorize the medical use of marijuana for qualifying patients who are under the age of eighteen if:
(a) The minor's parent or guardian participates in the minor's treatment and agrees to the medical use of marijuana by the minor; and
(b) The parent or guardian acts as the designated provider for the minor and has sole control over the minor's marijuana.
(2) The minor may not grow plants or purchase marijuana-infused products, useable marijuana, or marijuana concentrates from a marijuana retailer with a medical marijuana endorsement.
(3) Both the minor and the minor's parent or guardian who is acting as the designated provider must be entered in the medical marijuana authorization database and hold a recognition card.
(4) A health care professional who authorizes the medical use of marijuana by a minor must do so as part of the course of treatment of the minor's terminal or debilitating medical condition. If authorizing a minor for the medical use of marijuana, the health care professional must:
(a) Consult with other health care providers involved in the minor's treatment, as medically indicated, before authorization or reauthorization of the medical use of marijuana; and
(b) Reexamine the minor at least once every six months or more frequently as medically indicated. The reexamination must:
(i) Determine that the minor continues to have a terminal or debilitating medical condition and that the condition benefits from the medical use of marijuana; and
(ii) Include a follow-up discussion with the minor's parent or guardian to ensure the parent or guardian continues to participate in the treatment of the minor.


Effective date2015 c 70 §§ 12, 19, 20, 23-26, 31, 35, 40, and 49: See note following RCW 69.50.357.
Short titleFindingsIntentReferences to Washington state liquor control boardDraft legislation2015 c 70: See notes following RCW 66.08.012.
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