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Report to legislature.

(1) No later than thirty days after the department first approves a drug take-back program under RCW 69.48.050, the department shall submit an update to the legislature describing rules adopted under this chapter and the approved drug take-back program.
(2) By November 15th after the first full year of operation of an approved drug take-back program and biennially thereafter, the department shall submit a report to the legislature. The report must:
(a) Describe the status of approved drug take-back programs;
(b) Evaluate the secure medicine collection and disposal system and the program promotion, education, and public outreach requirements established by this chapter;
(c) Evaluate, in conjunction with an academic institution that is not an agency of the state and is qualified to conduct and evaluate research relating to prescription and nonprescription drug use and abuse and environmental impact, to the extent feasible, the impact of approved drug take-back programs on: Awareness and compliance of residents with safe storage of medicines in the home and secure disposal of covered drugs; rates of misuse, abuse, overdoses, and poisonings from prescription and nonprescription drugs; and diversions of covered drugs from sewer, solid waste, and septic systems. To conduct this evaluation, the department and the academic institution may rely on available data sources, including the public awareness surveys required under this chapter, and the prescription drug monitoring program and public health surveys such as the Washington state healthy youth survey. The department and the academic institution may also consult with other state and local agencies and interested stakeholders; and
(d) Provide any recommendations for legislation.


Sunset Act application: See note following chapter digest.
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