Chapter 69.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 69.25.010Legislative finding.
HTMLPDF 69.25.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 69.25.030PurposeCertain federal rules adopted by referenceHearing, notice by directorAdoption of rules by director.
HTMLPDF 69.25.040Application of administrative procedure act.
HTMLPDF 69.25.050Egg handler's or dealer's license and numberBranch licenseApplication, fee, posting required, procedure.
HTMLPDF 69.25.060Egg handler's or dealer's licenseLate renewal fee.
HTMLPDF 69.25.065Egg handler's or dealer's licenseRenewal applicationsCommercial egg layer operation requirementsProof.
HTMLPDF 69.25.070Egg handler's or dealer's licenseDenial, suspension, revocation, or conditional issuance.
HTMLPDF 69.25.080Continuous inspection at processing plantsExemptionsCondemnation and destruction of adulterated eggs and egg productsReprocessingAppealInspections of egg handlers.
HTMLPDF 69.25.090Sanitary operation of official plantsInspection refused if requirements not met.
HTMLPDF 69.25.100Egg productsPasteurizationLabeling requirementsFalse or misleading labels or containersDirector may order use of withheldHearing, determination, and appeal.
HTMLPDF 69.25.103Eggs or egg productsIn-state productionAssociated commercial egg layer operation compliance with applicable standards.
HTMLPDF 69.25.107Commercial egg layer operationsRequirements.
HTMLPDF 69.25.110Prohibited acts and practices.
HTMLPDF 69.25.120Director to cooperate with other agenciesMay conduct examinations.
HTMLPDF 69.25.130Eggs or egg products not intended for use as human foodIdentification or denaturing required.
HTMLPDF 69.25.140Records required, access to and copying of.
HTMLPDF 69.25.150PenaltiesLiability of employerDefense.
HTMLPDF 69.25.155Interference with person performing official duties.
HTMLPDF 69.25.160Notice of violationMay take place of prosecution.
HTMLPDF 69.25.170Exemptions permitted by rule of director.
HTMLPDF 69.25.180Limiting entry of eggs and egg products into official plants.
HTMLPDF 69.25.190Embargo of eggs or egg products in violation of this chapterTime limitRemoval of official marks.
HTMLPDF 69.25.200EmbargoPetition for court order affirmingRemoval of embargo or destruction or correction and releaseCourt costs, fees, administrative expensesBond may be required.
HTMLPDF 69.25.210EmbargoOrder affirming not required, when.
HTMLPDF 69.25.220EmbargoConsolidation of petitions.
HTMLPDF 69.25.230EmbargoSampling of article.
HTMLPDF 69.25.240CondemnationRecovery of damages restricted.
HTMLPDF 69.25.250AssessmentRate, applicability, time of paymentReportsContents, frequencyExemption.
HTMLPDF 69.25.260AssessmentPrepayment by purchase of egg sealsPermit for printing seal on containers or labels.
HTMLPDF 69.25.270AssessmentMonthly paymentAuditFailure to pay, penalty.
HTMLPDF 69.25.280AssessmentUse of proceeds.
HTMLPDF 69.25.290AssessmentExclusions.
HTMLPDF 69.25.300Transfer of moneys in state egg account.
HTMLPDF 69.25.310ContainersMarking requiredObliteration of previous markings required for reuseTemporary use of another handler's or dealer's permanent numberPenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.25.320Records required, additionalSales to retailer or food serviceExceptionDefense to charged violationSale of eggs deteriorated due to storage timeRequirements for storage, display, or transportation.
HTMLPDF 69.25.900Savings.
HTMLPDF 69.25.910Chapter is cumulative and nonexclusive.
HTMLPDF 69.25.930Short title.