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Notice of additional water or sewer facility tap or connection chargesRequiredContents.

When any municipality as defined in *RCW 35.91.020 or any county has levied or intends to levy a charge on property pertaining to:
(1) The amount required by the provisions of a contract pursuant to RCW 35.91.020 under which the water or sewer facilities so tapped into or used were constructed; or
(2) Any connection charges which are in fact reimbursement for the cost of facilities constructed by the sale of revenue bonds; or
(3) The additional connection charge authorized in RCW 35.92.025;
such municipality or county shall record in the office in which deeds are recorded of the county or counties in which such facility is located a notice of additional tap or connection charges. Such notice shall contain either the legal description of the land affected by such additional tap or connection charges or a map making appropriate references to the United States government survey showing in outline the land affected or to be affected by such additional tap or connection charges.


*Reviser's note: RCW 35.91.020 was amended by 2013 c 243 § 3, eliminating the definition of "municipality." For later enactment of the definition, see RCW 35.91.015.
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