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Foreign acknowledgments, who may take.

Acknowledgments of deeds conveying or encumbering real estate situated in this state, or any interest therein and other instruments in writing, required to be acknowledged, may be taken in any foreign country before any minister, plenipotentiary, secretary of legation, charge d'affaires, consul general, consul, vice consul, consular agent, or commercial agent appointed by the United States government, or before any notary public, or before the judge, clerk, or other proper officer of any court of said country, or before the mayor or other chief magistrate of any city, town or other municipal corporation therein.
[ 1929 c 33 § 5; RRS § 10563, part. Prior: 1901 c 53 § 1; 1888 p 1 § 1; Code 1881 § 2319; 1875 p 108 § 2.]
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