Chapter 61.24 RCW



61.24.008Borrower referred to mediationWhen.
61.24.010Trustee, qualificationsSuccessor trustee.
61.24.020Deeds subject to all mortgage lawsForeclosureRecording and indexingTrustee and beneficiary, separate entities, exception.
61.24.025Application of federal servicemembers civil relief act to deeds of trust.
61.24.026Notice to senior beneficiary of saleResidential, owner-occupiedProceeds of sale insufficient to pay in full obligationTimelineFailure of beneficiary to respond.
61.24.030Requisites to trustee's sale.
61.24.031Notice of default under RCW 61.24.030(8)Beneficiary's dutiesBorrower's options.
61.24.033Model language for initial contact letter used by beneficiariesRules.
61.24.040Foreclosure and saleNotice of sale.
61.24.042Notice to guarantorContentsFailure to provide.
61.24.045Requests for notice of sale.
61.24.050Interest conveyed by trustee's deedSale is final if acceptance is properly recordedRedemption precluded after saleRescission of trustee's sale.
61.24.060Rights and remedies of trustee's sale purchaserWritten notice to occupants or tenants.
61.24.070Trustee's sale, who may bid atIf beneficiary is purchaserIf purchaser is not beneficiary.
61.24.080Disposition of proceeds of saleNoticesSurplus funds.
61.24.090Curing defaults before saleDiscontinuance of proceedingsNotice of discontinuanceExecution and acknowledgmentPayments tendered to trustee.
61.24.100Deficiency judgmentsForeclosureTrustee's saleApplication of chapter.
61.24.110Reconveyance by trustee.
61.24.120Other foreclosure provisions preserved.
61.24.127Failure to bring civil action to enjoin foreclosureNot a waiver of claims.
61.24.130Restraint of sale by trusteeConditionsNotice.
61.24.135Consumer protection actUnfair or deceptive acts or practices.
61.24.140Assignment of rentsCollecting payment of rent.
61.24.143Foreclosure of tenant-occupied propertyNotice of trustee's sale.
61.24.146Foreclosure of tenant-occupied propertyNotice to vacate.
61.24.160Housing counselorsGood faith duty to attempt resolutionResolution describedMediationLiability for civil damagesAnnual report.
61.24.163Foreclosure mediation programTimelinesProceduresDuties and responsibilities of mediator, borrower, and beneficiaryFeesAnnual report.
61.24.165Application of RCW 61.24.163.
61.24.166Application of RCW 61.24.163 to federally insured depository institutionsAnnual application for exemption.
61.24.169Department maintains list of approved foreclosure mediatorsTraining programMediator involvement in civil action.
61.24.172Foreclosure fairness account createdUses.
61.24.173Required payment for each property subject to notice of trustee's saleResidential real propertyExceptionsDeposit into foreclosure fairness account.
61.24.177Deed of trust poolDuty of servicer to maximize net present value.
61.24.180Trustee as defendantDeclaration of nonmonetary statusObjection.
61.24.190Notices of defaultRequirementsPaymentDepartment not civilly liable if no gross negligence in releasing informationApplication.


Possession of real property by trustee of deed of trust to collect rents and profits: RCW 7.28.230.