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Priority of lien.

The liens provided for in this chapter are preferred liens and are prior to any other liens, and no sale or transfer of any saw logs, spars, piles or other timber or manufactured lumber or shingles shall divest the lien thereon as herein provided, and as between liens provided for in this chapter those for work and labor shall be preferred: PROVIDED, That as between liens for work and labor claimed by several laborers on the same logs or lot of logs the claim or claims for work or labor done or performed on the identical logs proceeded against to the extent that said logs can be identified, shall be preferred as against the general claim of lien for work and labor recognized and provided for in this chapter.
[ 1893 c 132 § 4; RRS § 1165. Prior: Code 1881 § 1944; 1877 p 217 § 6. Formerly RCW 60.24.090.]
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