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Lien on lumber"Lumber" defined.

Every person performing work or labor or assisting in manufacturing saw logs and other timber into lumber and shingles, has a lien upon such lumber while the same remains at the mill where it was manufactured, or in the possession or under the control of the manufacturer, whether such work or labor was done at the instance of the owner of such logs or his or her agent or any contractor or subcontractor of such owner. The term "lumber," as used in this chapter, shall be held and be construed to mean all logs or other timber sawed or split for use, including beams, joists, planks, boards, shingles, laths, staves, hoops, and every article of whatsoever nature or description manufactured from saw logs or other timber.
[ 2012 c 117 § 136; 1893 c 132 § 2; 1893 c 10 § 1; RRS § 1163. Prior: Code 1881 § 1942; 1877 p 217 § 4. Formerly RCW 60.24.010, part.]
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