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Similarity of namesProcedure.

(1) If the garnishee in the answer states that the garnishee at the time of the service of the writ was indebted to or had possession or control of personal property or effects belonging to a person with a name the same as or similar to the name of the defendant, and stating the place of business or residence of said person, and that the garnishee does not know whether or not such person is the same person as the defendant, and prays the court to determine whether or not the person is the same person as the defendant, the court, before rendering judgment against the garnishee defendant as hereinbefore provided, shall conduct a hearing to take proof as to the identity of said persons.
(2) Before the hearing on the question of identity, the plaintiff shall cause the court to issue a citation directed to the person identified in the garnishee's answer, commanding that person to appear before the court from which the citation is issued within ten days after the service of the same, and to answer on oath whether or not he or she is the same person as the defendant in said action. The citation shall be dated and attested in the same manner as a writ of garnishment and be delivered to the plaintiff or the plaintiff's attorney and shall be served in the same manner as a summons in a civil action is served.
(3) If the court finds after hearing that the persons are not the same, the garnishee shall be discharged and shall recover costs against the plaintiff. If the court finds that the persons are the same, it shall make the same kind of judgment as in other cases in which the garnishee is held upon the garnishee's answer, including provision for garnishee's costs.
(4) If the court finds after the hearing that the defendant or judgment debtor is the same person as the person identified in the garnishee's answer, it shall be sufficient answer to any claim of said person against the garnishee founded on any indebtedness of the garnishee or on the possession or control by the garnishee of any personal property or effects for the garnishee to show that the indebtedness was paid or the personal property or effects were delivered under the judgment of the court in accordance with the provisions in this chapter.
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