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Mailing of writ and judgment or affidavit to judgment debtorMailing of notice and claim form if judgment debtor is an individualServiceReturn.

(1) When a writ is issued under a judgment, on or before the date of service of the writ on the garnishee, the judgment creditor shall mail or cause to be mailed to the judgment debtor, by certified mail, addressed to the last known post office address of the judgment debtor, (a) a copy of the writ and a copy of the judgment creditor's affidavit submitted in application for the writ, and (b) if the judgment debtor is an individual, the notice and claim form prescribed in RCW 6.27.140. In the alternative, on or before the day of the service of the writ on the garnishee or within two days thereafter, the stated documents shall be served on the judgment debtor in the same manner as is required for personal service of summons upon a party to an action.
(2) The requirements of this section shall not be jurisdictional, but (a) no disbursement order or judgment against the garnishee defendant shall be entered unless there is on file the return or affidavit of service or mailing required by subsection (3) of this section, and (b) if the copies of the writ and judgment or affidavit, and the notice and claim form if the defendant is an individual, are not mailed or served as herein provided, or if any irregularity appears with respect to the mailing or service, the court, in its discretion, on motion of the judgment debtor promptly made and supported by affidavit showing that the judgment debtor has suffered substantial injury from the plaintiff's failure to mail or otherwise to serve such copies, may set aside the garnishment and award to the judgment debtor an amount equal to the damages suffered because of such failure.
(3) If the service on the judgment debtor is made by a sheriff, the sheriff shall file with the clerk of the court that issued the writ a signed return showing the time, place, and manner of service and that the copy of the writ was accompanied by a copy of a judgment or affidavit, and by a notice and claim form if required by this section, and shall note thereon fees for making such service. If service is made by any person other than a sheriff, such person shall file an affidavit including the same information and showing qualifications to make such service. If service on the judgment debtor is made by mail, the person making the mailing shall file an affidavit including the same information as required for return on service and, in addition, showing the address of the mailing and attaching the return receipt or the mailing should it be returned to the sender as undeliverable.


Severability1988 c 231: See note following RCW 6.01.050.
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