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Issuance of writFormDatingAttestation.

(1) When application for a writ of garnishment is made by a judgment creditor and the requirements of RCW 6.27.060 have been complied with, the clerk shall docket the case in the names of the judgment creditor as plaintiff, the judgment debtor as defendant, and the garnishee as garnishee defendant, and shall immediately issue and deliver a writ of garnishment to the judgment creditor in the form prescribed in RCW 6.27.100, directed to the garnishee, commanding the garnishee to answer said writ on forms served with the writ and complying with RCW 6.27.190 within twenty days after the service of the writ upon the garnishee. The clerk shall likewise docket the case when a writ of garnishment issued by the attorney of record of a judgment creditor is filed. Whether a writ is issued by the clerk or an attorney, the clerk shall bear no responsibility for errors contained in the writ.
(2) The writ of garnishment shall be dated and attested as in the form prescribed in RCW 6.27.100. The name and office address of the plaintiff's attorney shall be indorsed thereon or, in case the plaintiff has no attorney, the name and address of the plaintiff shall be indorsed thereon. The address of the clerk's office shall appear at the bottom of the writ.
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