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Subjection of attached property to judgment.

If judgment is recovered by the plaintiff, it shall be paid out of any proceeds held by the clerk of the court and out of the property retained by the sheriff if it is sufficient for that purpose as follows:
(1) By applying on the execution issued on said judgment the proceeds of all sales of perishable or other property sold, or so much as shall be necessary to satisfy the judgment.
(2) If any balance remains due, the sheriff shall sell under the execution so much of the personal property attached as may be necessary to satisfy the balance and, if there is not sufficient personal property to satisfy the balance, the sheriff shall sell so much of any real property attached as is necessary to satisfy the judgment.
Notice of sale shall be given and sale conducted as in other cases of sales on execution.
[ 1987 c 442 § 824; 1957 c 51 § 4; 1886 p 44 § 25; RRS § 667. Prior: Code 1881 §§ 174-192; 1877 pp 35-40; 1873 pp 43-50; 1871 pp 9, 10; 1869 pp 41-47; 1863 pp 112-120; 1860 pp 30-36; 1854 pp 155-162. Formerly RCW 7.12.210.]
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