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Motion to discharge attachmentAffidavits in oppositionDischarge.

(1) The defendant may at any time, after appearing in the action and before giving bond as provided in RCW 6.25.190, apply on motion, upon reasonable notice to the plaintiff, to the court in which the action is brought or to the judge thereof, that the writ of attachment be discharged on the ground that it was improperly or irregularly issued.
(2) If the motion is made on affidavits on the part of the defendant, the plaintiff may oppose the same by affidavits in addition to those on which the attachment was issued or by other evidence, unless otherwise ordered by the court.
(3) If upon application it satisfactorily appears that the writ of attachment was improperly or irregularly issued, it must be discharged.
(4) Whenever an order has been made discharging or releasing an attachment upon real property, a certified copy of such order may be recorded with the recording officer of the county in which the writ of attachment has been recorded.
[ 1987 c 442 § 818; 1927 c 131 § 1; 1886 p 45 § 31; RRS § 673. Prior: Code 1881 §§ 174-192; 1877 pp 35-40; 1873 pp 43-50; 1871 pp 9, 10; 1869 pp 41-47; 1863 pp 112-120; 1860 pp 30-36; 1854 pp 155-162. Formerly RCW 7.12.270.]


Rules of court: CR 7(b), 64.
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