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Retention of property by judgment debtorOn bond or approval of judgment creditor.

(1) After levy of execution upon personal property, the sheriff may permit the judgment debtor to retain possession of the property or any part of it until the day of sale, upon the debtor executing a written bond to the sheriff with sufficient surety, in double the value of such property, to the effect that it shall be delivered to the sheriff at the time and place of sale, and for nondelivery thereof, an action may be maintained upon such bond by the sheriff or the judgment creditor, or the judgment creditor may, on motion supported by affidavit that the property has not been delivered and the judgment remains unpaid, stating the amount unpaid, have judgment against the surety on the bond for the balance remaining due.
(2) In the alternative, the sheriff may appoint the judgment debtor as an agent to keep the property, without bond, upon written approval by the judgment creditor.


Severability1988 c 231: See note following RCW 6.01.050.
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