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Forcible or unlawful detainer proceeding.

In any forcible or unlawful detainer proceeding before the court:
(1) Hearings may be conducted in person or remotely in order to enhance access for all parties. At the court's discretion, parties, witnesses, and others authorized by this chapter to participate in forcible or unlawful detainer proceedings may attend a hearing pursuant to this chapter, in person or remotely, including by telephone, video, or other electronic means where possible. The court shall grant any request for a remote appearance unless the court finds good cause to require in-person attendance or attendance through a specific means. Courts shall require assurances of the identity of persons who appear by telephone, video, or other electronic means. Courts may not charge fees for remote appearances. Courts shall provide instructions for remote access either on the official court website or in writing directly to the party requesting to appear remotely, or both.
(2) Any party must be permitted to make an emergency application by phone or video conference and file such documents by email, fax, or other means that can be performed remotely.
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