Chapter 57.08 RCW



57.08.007Concurrent service by two districts.
57.08.009Use of property not immediately necessary to district for park or recreational purposes.
57.08.011Authority to manage, operate, maintain, or repair public or private water systemContract.
57.08.012Fluoridation of water authorized.
57.08.014Authority to adjust or delay rates or charges for low-income personsNotice.
57.08.015Sale of unnecessary property authorizedNotice.
57.08.016Sale of unnecessary property authorizedAdditional requirements for sale of realty.
57.08.017Application of sections to certain service provider agreements under chapter 70A.140 RCW.
57.08.020Conveyance of water system to city or town.
57.08.030Election on conveyanceContract for operation of facilities.
57.08.035Effect when city or town takes over portion of water system.
57.08.040City or town may accept and agree to maintain system.
57.08.041Contracting for management of water storage assetsNoticeProcedureDefinitions.
57.08.044Contracts for acquisition, use, operation, etc., authorizedService to areas in other districts.
57.08.047Provision of water, reclaimed water, sewer, or drainage service beyond district or city subject to review by boundary review board.
57.08.050Contracts for materials and workNoticeBidsSmall works rosterWaiver of requirements.
57.08.060Powers as to street lighting systemsEstablishment.
57.08.065Powers as to mutual systemsOverlapping districtsOperation of system of sewerage or drainage by former water district.
57.08.081Rates and chargesDelinquencies.
57.08.085Public property subject to rates and charges for drainage facilities.
57.08.100Health care, group, life, and social security insurance contracts for employees', commissioners' benefitJoint action with other districts.
57.08.105Liability insurance for officials and employees.
57.08.120Lease of real propertyNotice, hearingPerformance bond or security.
57.08.140RCW 39.33.060 to govern on sales by district for park and recreational purposes.
57.08.150Extensions by private partyPreparation of plansReview by district.
57.08.160Authority to assist customers in the acquisition of water conservation equipmentLimitations.
57.08.170Water conservation planEmergency water use restrictionsFine.
57.08.180Sewer, drainage, and water connections without district permissionPenalties.
57.08.190Cooperative watershed management.


Lien for labor and materials on public works: Chapter 60.28 RCW.
Special purpose districts, expenditures to recruit job candidates: RCW 42.24.170.