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Any district now or hereafter created under the laws of this state may be dissolved, as hereinafter provided, by a majority vote of the qualified electors of such district at any general election upon a resolution of the district commission, or upon petition being filed and such proposition for dissolution submitted to said electors in the same manner provided by chapter 54.08 RCW for the creation of public utility districts. The returns of the election on such proposition for dissolution shall be canvassed and the results declared in the same manner as is provided by RCW 54.08.010: PROVIDED, HOWEVER, That any such proposition to dissolve a district shall not be submitted to the electors if within five years prior to the filing of such petition or resolution such district has undertaken any material studies or material action relating to the construction or acquisition of any utility properties or if such district at the time of the submission of such proposition is actually engaged in the operation of any utility properties.
If a majority of the votes cast at the election favor dissolution, the commission of the district shall petition, without any filing fee, the superior court of the county in which such district is located for an order authorizing the payment of all indebtedness of the district and directing the transfer of any surplus funds or property to the general fund of the county in which such district is organized.


ConstructionSeverability1969 c 106: See notes following RCW 54.08.041.
Dissolution of special purpose districts: Chapters 36.96 and 53.48 RCW.
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