Chapter 52.12 RCW



52.12.021General powers.
52.12.031Specific powersAcquisition or lease of property or equipmentContractsAssociation of districtsGroup life insuranceBuilding inspectionsFire investigations.
52.12.036Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
52.12.041Eminent domain.
52.12.051Condemnation proceedings.
52.12.061Contracts, promissory notes, deeds of trust, and mortgages for purchase of propertyLimit on indebtednessElection, when.
52.12.071Liability insurance for officials and employees.
52.12.101Burning permits authorizedResolution.
52.12.102Burning permitsResolution to be published and posted.
52.12.103Burning permitsIssuanceContents.
52.12.104Burning permitsDuties of permittee.
52.12.105Burning permitsPenalty.
52.12.106Burning permitsPenalty.
52.12.108Burning permitsLiability for fire suppression costs.
52.12.111Use of equipment and personnel beyond district boundariesGovernmental function.
52.12.121Use of equipment and personnel outside districtDuty of firefighter deemed duty for districtBenefits not impaired.
52.12.125Reimbursement for fire suppression costs on state landsLimitations.
52.12.131Emergency medical servicesEstablishment and collection of charges.
52.12.135Interlocal agreements for ambulance services.
52.12.140Hazardous materials response teams.
52.12.150Setting fires for firefighter instructionWhen burning permit not requiredNotice, inspection required.
52.12.160Firefighting services for unprotected lands.


Association of fire commissioners to furnish information to legislature and governor: RCW 44.04.170.