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City withdrawn to determine fire and emergency medical protection methodsContractsJoint operationsSale, lease, etc., of property.

A city or town encompassing territory withdrawn under chapter 52.08 RCW shall determine the most effective and feasible fire protection and emergency medical protection for the withdrawn territory, or any part thereof, and the legislative authority of the city or town and the commissioners of the fire protection district may, without limitation of any other powers provided by law:
(1) Enter into contracts to the same extent as fire protection districts and cities and towns may enter into contracts under authority of *RCW 52.12.031(3), and
(2) Sell, purchase, rent, lease, or exchange property of every nature.


*Reviser's note: RCW 52.12.031 was amended by 2019 c 402 s 1, changing subsection (3) to subsection (4).
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