Chapter 51.36 RCW



51.36.010FindingsMinimum standards for providersHealth care provider networkAdvisory groupBest practices treatment guidelinesExtent and duration of treatmentCenters for occupational health and educationRulesReports.
51.36.015Chiropractic care and evaluation.
51.36.017Licensed advanced registered nurse practitioners.
51.36.020Transportation to treatmentArtificial substitutes and mechanical aidsModifications to residences or motor vehicles.
51.36.022Residence modification assistanceRulesReport to legislature.
51.36.030First aid.
51.36.040Time and place of coverageLunch period.
51.36.050Rehabilitation centerContracts with self-insurers and others.
51.36.060Duties of attending physician or licensed advanced registered nurse practitionerMedical information.
51.36.070Medical examinationReportsCosts.
51.36.080Payment of fees and medical charges by departmentInterestCost-effective payment methodsAudits.
51.36.085Payment of fees and medical charges by self-insurersInterest.
51.36.090Review of billingsInvestigation of unauthorized services.
51.36.100Audits of health care providers authorized.
51.36.110Audits of health care providersPowers of department.
51.36.120Confidential information.
51.36.130False, misleading, or deceptive advertising or representations.
51.36.140Industrial insurance medical advisory committeeDutiesMembership.
51.36.150Industrial insurance chiropractic advisory committeeDutiesMembership.