Chapter 51.14 RCW



HTMLPDF 51.14.010Duty to secure payment of compensationOptions.
HTMLPDF 51.14.020Qualification.
HTMLPDF 51.14.030Certification of employer as self-insurer.
HTMLPDF 51.14.040Surety liabilityTermination.
HTMLPDF 51.14.050Termination of statusNoticeFinancial requirements.
HTMLPDF 51.14.060Default by self-insurerAuthority of directorLiability for reimbursement.
HTMLPDF 51.14.070Payments upon default.
HTMLPDF 51.14.073Default lien.
HTMLPDF 51.14.077Self-insurers' insolvency trustAssessmentsRules.
HTMLPDF 51.14.080Withdrawal of certificationGrounds.
HTMLPDF 51.14.090Withdrawal of certification, corrective action upon employees' petition.
HTMLPDF 51.14.095Corrective actionAppeal.
HTMLPDF 51.14.100Notice of compliance to be postedPenalty.
HTMLPDF 51.14.110Employer's duty to maintain records, furnish informationElectronic reporting systemRequirement and penaltiesConfidentiality of claims dataRules.
HTMLPDF 51.14.120Copy of claim fileNotice of protest or appealMedical report.
HTMLPDF 51.14.130Request for claim resolutionTime.
HTMLPDF 51.14.140Violations of disclosure or request for resolutionOrder by director.
HTMLPDF 51.14.150School districts, ESDs, public hospital districts, or hospitals as self-insurersAuthorizedOrganizationQualifications.
HTMLPDF 51.14.160School districts, ESDs, or hospitals as self-insurersRulesScope.
HTMLPDF 51.14.170Administration of claimsThird-party administrators.
HTMLPDF 51.14.180Duty of good faithRulesViolations.
HTMLPDF 51.14.181Duty of good faithNo private cause of action.
HTMLPDF 51.14.300Ombuds office createdAppointmentOpen and competitive contracting.
HTMLPDF 51.14.310OmbudsTerm of officeRemovalVacancies.
HTMLPDF 51.14.320OmbudsTraining or experience qualifications.
HTMLPDF 51.14.330Ombuds officeStaffing level.
HTMLPDF 51.14.340Ombuds officePowers and duties.
HTMLPDF 51.14.350Ombuds officeReferral proceduresDepartment response to referred complaints.
HTMLPDF 51.14.360Ombuds liabilityDiscriminatory, disciplinary, or retaliatory actionsCommunications privileged and confidentialTestimony.
HTMLPDF 51.14.370Confidentiality of ombuds records and filesDisclosure prohibitedException.
HTMLPDF 51.14.380Explaining ombuds programPosters and brochures.
HTMLPDF 51.14.390Ombuds officeFunding.
HTMLPDF 51.14.400OmbudsAnnual report to governor.