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(1) The legislature finds that:
(a) Phenylketonuria is a rare inherited genetic disorder.
(b) Children with phenylketonuria are unable to metabolize an essential amino acid, phenylalanine, which is found in the proteins of most food.
(c) To remain healthy, children with phenylketonuria must maintain a strict diet and ingest a mineral and vitamin-enriched formula.
(d) Children who do not maintain their diets with the formula acquire severe mental and physical difficulties.
(e) Originally, the formulas were listed as prescription drugs but were reclassified as medical foods to increase their availability.
(2) Subject to requirements and exceptions which may be established by rules adopted by the commissioner, any contract for health care services delivered or issued for delivery or renewed in this state on or after September 1, 1988, shall provide coverage for the formulas necessary for the treatment of phenylketonuria.
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