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Group health benefit plansGuaranteed issue and continuity of coverageExceptions.

For group health benefit plans, the following shall apply:
(1) All health carriers shall accept for enrollment any state resident within the group to whom the plan is offered and within the carrier's service area and provide or assure the provision of all covered services regardless of age, sex, family structure, ethnicity, race, health condition, geographic location, employment status, socioeconomic status, other condition or situation, or the provisions of RCW 49.60.174(2). The insurance commissioner may grant a temporary exemption from this subsection, if, upon application by a health carrier the commissioner finds that the clinical, financial, or administrative capacity to serve existing enrollees will be impaired if a health carrier is required to continue enrollment of additional eligible individuals.
(2) Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, all health plans shall contain or incorporate by endorsement a guarantee of the continuity of coverage of the plan. For the purposes of this section, a plan is "renewed" when it is continued beyond the earliest date upon which, at the carrier's sole option, the plan could have been terminated for other than nonpayment of premium. The carrier may consider the group's anniversary date as the renewal date for purposes of complying with the provisions of this section.
(3) The guarantee of continuity of coverage required in health plans shall not prevent a carrier from canceling or nonrenewing a health plan for:
(a) Nonpayment of premium;
(b) Violation of published policies of the carrier approved by the insurance commissioner;
(c) Covered persons entitled to become eligible for medicare benefits by reason of age who fail to apply for a medicare supplement plan or medicare cost, risk, or other plan offered by the carrier pursuant to federal laws and regulations;
(d) Covered persons who fail to pay any deductible or copayment amount owed to the carrier and not the provider of health care services;
(e) Covered persons committing fraudulent acts as to the carrier;
(f) Covered persons who materially breach the health plan; or
(g) Change or implementation of federal or state laws that no longer permit the continued offering of such coverage.
(4) The provisions of this section do not apply in the following cases:
(a) A carrier has zero enrollment on a product;
(b) A carrier replaces a product and the replacement product is provided to all covered persons within that class or line of business, includes all of the services covered under the replaced product, and does not significantly limit access to the kind of services covered under the replaced product. The health plan may also allow unrestricted conversion to a fully comparable product;
(c) No sooner than January 1, 2005, a carrier discontinues offering a particular type of health benefit plan offered for groups of up to two hundred if: (i) The carrier provides notice to each group of the discontinuation at least ninety days prior to the date of the discontinuation; (ii) the carrier offers to each group provided coverage of this type the option to enroll, with regard to small employer groups, in any other small employer group plan, or with regard to groups of up to two hundred, in any other applicable group plan, currently being offered by the carrier in the applicable group market; and (iii) in exercising the option to discontinue coverage of this type and in offering the option of coverage under (c)(ii) of this subsection, the carrier acts uniformly without regard to any health status-related factor of enrolled individuals or individuals who may become eligible for this coverage;
(d) A carrier discontinues offering all health coverage in the small group market or for groups of up to two hundred, or both markets, in the state and discontinues coverage under all existing group health benefit plans in the applicable market involved if: (i) The carrier provides notice to the commissioner of its intent to discontinue offering all such coverage in the state and its intent to discontinue coverage under all such existing health benefit plans at least one hundred eighty days prior to the date of the discontinuation of coverage under all such existing health benefit plans; and (ii) the carrier provides notice to each covered group of the intent to discontinue the existing health benefit plan at least one hundred eighty days prior to the date of discontinuation. In the case of discontinuation under this subsection, the carrier may not issue any group health coverage in this state in the applicable group market involved for a five-year period beginning on the date of the discontinuation of the last health benefit plan not so renewed. This subsection (4) does not require a carrier to provide notice to the commissioner of its intent to discontinue offering a health benefit plan to new applicants when the carrier does not discontinue coverage of existing enrollees under that health benefit plan; or
(e) A carrier is withdrawing from a service area or from a segment of its service area because the carrier has demonstrated to the insurance commissioner that the carrier's clinical, financial, or administrative capacity to serve enrollees would be exceeded.
(5) The provisions of this section do not apply to health plans deemed by the insurance commissioner to be unique or limited or have a short-term purpose, after a written request for such classification by the carrier and subsequent written approval by the insurance commissioner.


ApplicationContingent effective date2010 c 292: See notes following RCW 48.43.005.
Application2004 c 244: See note following RCW 48.21.045.
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