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Exchange of data, reports of violations, etc.

The department is authorized to report to the appropriate federal agencies and agencies of other states all proceedings instituted charging violation of RCW 47.68.220 and 47.68.230 and all penalties, of which it has knowledge, imposed upon airmen or airwomen or the owners or operators of aircraft for violations of the law of this state relating to aeronautics or for violations of the rules, regulations, or orders of the department. The department is authorized to receive reports of penalties and other data from agencies of the federal government and other states and, when necessary, to enter into agreements with federal agencies and the agencies of other states governing the delivery, receipt, exchange, and use of reports and data. The department may make the reports and data of the federal agencies, the agencies of other states, and the courts of this state available, with or without request therefor, to any and all courts of this state.
[ 2010 c 8 § 10023; 1983 c 3 § 146; 1947 c 165 § 33; Rem. Supp. 1947 § 10964-113. Formerly RCW 14.04.330.]
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