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Penalty for destroying native flora on state lands, highways, parks.

Any person who shall break or cut from any lands owned by the state of Washington or shall cut down, remove, destroy or uproot any rhododendron, evergreen, huckleberry, native dogwood or any other native tree, shrub, fern, herb, bulb or wild plants, or any part thereof, within three hundred feet of the center line of any state or county road, or who shall cut down, remove or destroy any flowering or ornamental tree or shrub, or any native flowering plant, fern, herb or bulb, either perennial or annual, situate, growing or being on any public street or highway, state or city park, in the state of Washington, unless such person be engaged in the work of constructing or repairing such highway or street under authority and direction of the legally constituted public officials being charged by law with the duty of constructing or repairing such highways or streets, state or city parks, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor.
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